2017 back to school season online shopping tips

According to Forbes statistics, on the average of 2016 USA back to school sales, each family spent about 674 dollars, of which about one-third was used to purchase electronic products.

2017 back to school season online shopping tips

Usually from mid-July to early September inthe USA it is called "back to school", which is second only to theend of the Christmas shopping season. People buy travel tickets, book hotels,at night party, Travel items, indulge in outdoor sports, try new technologyproducts, and prepare for the new school year. According to Forbes statistics, onthe average of 2016 USA back to school sales, each family spent about 674 dollars,of which about one-third was used to purchase electronic products. In theupcoming 2017 return to school season, this figure is expected to have 4%annual growth. Next Cell Phone Age will share some shopping tips for you tofind where to buy is most save money.



In back to school season, discount storesare still the preferred shopping destination for consumers in the UnitedStates, the survey data show that 77% of consumers preferred discount stores tobuy back to school goods, while on the choice of clothing store consumers havea great increase. In the number of 25% consumers intend to go to clothing storeshopping. In choosing the retailer, the three most influential factors wereprice (76%), convenience (48%) and quality (41%). 34% of US consumers havealready started back to school shopping, and 42% of the respondents said theystill like the offline store shopping service, more willing to face to face toselect goods.


Cross- border online providers

Although it is still hot summer, but whenfacing of dazzling swimsuit, shorts and other summer clothing, some consumershave been unmoved, because they are busy buying backpacks, school supplies andother goods. The back-to-school time of United States is the second largestshopping season after Christmas, CellPhoneAge.com, JD Mall and many other Chinesecompanies have started early return to school season promotions. Parents startshopping earlier this year, and more related expenses, more and more people chooseInternet search products and shopping. Of course, these China's cross-border onlineproviders can also seize the opportunity to launch the relevant promotionalactivities.


Mobiledevice shopping

Mobile equipment is the highlight of shoppingback to school, especially during this period of promotional activities whenyou can save some expenses. In July 2014, Punch Tab’s study found that mostAmerican mothers (63%) whose children are under 18 plan to use theirsmartphones for back to school shopping. Some of these people are most likelyto use the smart phone to inquire about latest price-related information,nearly half of respondents said they will use mobile phones to find coupons orsales, 30% of people want to compare prices in different stores. Even if theyhad gone to the store, the mums said that the smartphone was still important inbuying something for the kids, and 46% of the respondents who used smartphoneswhen they planned to shop in the 59% will find mobile coupons. There are noother options close to this ratio: online reviews, check points and loyaltyawards are 11% of people choose; only 3% of people plan to use a smart hand tomove wallet or pay for shopping.


Whatis the largest selling during back to school season?

According to the NRF survey, the largestexpenditures for families on back-to-school season are electronic products andcomputer-related equipment ($ 346 in average), exceeding expenditures forclothing and accessories ($ 235 in average). Buyers are expected to spend $ 129on purchases of shoes and spend $ 104 on school supplies such as notebooks,folders, pencils, backpacks and lunch boxes.


And in return to school season consumersare most willing to go to the discount store to buy these items, accounting for62.2%, although this figure is the highest level since 2007. Department stores(56.4%) and clothing stores (53.5%) are also popular and their popularity isstable. More than 1/3 of the consumers (35.9%) will be online shopping, whichis also slightly higher than in recent years.



EMarketer expects retail sales ofe-commerce to grow by 14.4% to $ 56.4 billion in July and August, and 16.5% ofannual retail e-commerce sales.


Rubicon Project's forecast for back-to-schoolseason shopping is higher than NRF, and the results show that parents (K-12)will spend $ 873 per student each year, and college students will pay $ 1,100for each student. Overall, 56% of parents said they would spend more than lastyear. More than 8/10 parents said they decided to return to school shopping,although 3/4 of the parents said they would go with their children, mainly tobuy clothing, food and school supplies.


Google reported online shopping searchbehavior is growing, while the relevant search of last year increased by 48%,the first half of this year increased by 12%. This year back to school shoppingsearch began earlier, more inclined to mobile platform, and in the first halfof year back to school shopping search volume is more than 50% of the totalsearch volume.


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