Acupuncture and Phytotherapy - Queens of Traditional Medicine

Acupuncture therapy is a complex system of diagnosing, treatment and prevention of diseases. This holds a special put in place the traditional medicine.

Acupuncture and Phytotherapy - Queens of Traditional Medicine

Acupuncture therapy is a complex system of diagnosing,treatment and prevention of diseases. This holds a special put in place thetraditional medicine. Many theories try to make clear the systems by whichacupuncture helps our body regenerate and recover itself, in a remarkable wayin almost all of the cases. However, there is no connection between it isprinciples of action and the anatomical structure of the body or those of thenervous, circulatory or lymphatic systems.


The hypotheses approaching the mechanisms of acupuncturefrom an physiological point of view are not able to cover and describe theiraction, while the physiological structure of the body has been thoroughlyanalyzed along time by experts who belonged to renowned medical or religiouscenters throughout the world. Regarding to the Eastern opinion, the materialbody is supported by the vitality bones. Acupuncture remedy releases andremoves the minor or major energy disorders that occur in the respected energysystem. The physiological studies and approaches are unable to cover thecomplexity of acupuncture as system of treatment, because they do not take intobank account the thought of energy system, as it exists in the Eastern belief.The respective notion is common both with the Oriental peoples, and with theIndian one, as the concept of energy bones is similar to the aura in the Indioculture.


The origins of acupuncture go far back again in history, toimmemorial times, but this method of treatment has recently been as old asworld on Earth. At the beginning, the vitality points were stimulated by warmor cold stones; later they were stimulated by small-sized, arrow-like, stoneneedles that were inserted into the body in particular areas. In time, the rockarrows were replaced by bamboo ones. The efficiency of techniques and types ofprocedures increased when needles were made of iron.


Currently acupuncture is a method of prevention andtreatment acknowledged worldwide. However, it holds a special put in place thetreatments of the Chinese people. They have brought the very best contributionto the development and use of acupuncture treatment as treatment for themasses. Although prohibited between the numerous years of 1929 - 1958, Winnipegacupuncture clinic was approved of by the Oriental political regime later,and the ban was elevated. The first acupuncture treatise dates 4, 500 yearsback. It provides a collection of books, thirty four volumes put together underthe name of Hei CHING. They comprise medical cases and methods of treatmentused. In the first book, Doctor Pien Chi'ao tells how this individual managedto bring back again to our lives a patient in a coma. The medical case and themethods used are thoroughly referred to and scientifically explained. Thedoctor also mentions that, in order to achieve the perfect energy balance, hecomplemented his acupuncture treatment treatment by medicinal supplementextracts that were used 20 months.


The system of acupuncture remedy is given birth to out ofyour philosophy and the psychology of the Chinese language traditional medicine- Kampo. This method originates in the Chinese culture, but it was incorporatedinto the Japanese and the Taiwanese treatment methods, too. Kampo gatherstogether all the phenomena and all the manifestations of nature, all the thingsthat are around us. It explains the natural and the temporary phenomena, aswell as all the experiments in traditional medicine done by all thecivilizations on Earth for the duration of time. In this complex of philosophy,the human energy systems are defined philosophically through genesis as Yin(-), the female origin, and by Yang (+), the male origin. The body organs inthe human body are classified according to this criterion; therefore they areranged as Yin organs and Yang bodily organs. The human energy is also dividedinto Yin energy and Yang energy. The idea of Yin and Yang explains therelationship between man and Universe, and your presence as well, as acontinuous balancing of the 2 types of energy. These kinds of energiescomplement the other person and together they maintain the balance of theessential body - a condition which Western medicine describes as homeostasisfor the material body. According to Yin and Yang theory, the human body issubject to 5 elements: vegetation, warmth, earth, nutrient and fluids. Thepower of the human body is divided among the internal organs and it isconsidered that: heart corresponds to fire, spleen and pancreatic to earth,lungs to metals, kidneys to drinking water, and liver to solid wood. The fullbody is divided into meridians related to the key organs.


The acupuncture techniques are applied on the 14 energymeridians given away throughout the human body. All meridians, save for THETRIPLE ENERGIZER, concur to the internal internal organs. The masters oftraditional medicine avoid gracefully talking about about THE TRIPLE HUMANDYNAMO and about its results after each meridian, because the niche bringsabout the secrets of life and human being evolution.


Each meridian is made up of 6th basic points. There areparts of low amount of resistance and of reduced vibration along each meridian- it is in these points that the acupuncture treatment needles are inserted to beable to balance the energy system. There is a hot foot point on each meridian,namely an alarm point. Where there is a discontinuity in the vitality, thealarm point gets painful at a gentle touch. The real treatment on theparticular meridian starts at these points, by inserting the needle or possiblyby using moxibustion or certain mixtures of medicinal herbal remedies. Untilthe last 100 years, there are described 800 acupoints of the human body.Recently, there have recently been added another 140; all in all several of 940corresponding parts of the human body.

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