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Festivalsare the best times that we want to celebrate with those who hold a very specialposition in our heart. Festivals are the celebration of our customs andtraditions in which we are born. It gives us a moment to cheer the beauty ofour customs with those who are close to us. Coming to the significance offestivals in India, then India is a country well known and recognized for itscolorful festivals. There are many festive celebrations in the country which iscelebrated with great zest and zeal. The best part about festivals in India is,festival here are secular and not religion specific. This meansthat people inthe country respects and celebrate every festival irrespective of theirreligion.

Nowconsidering the significance of a cake delight in festive celebration, then asper the present scenario cake are becoming inevitable part of celebration. Nomatter, if it the hues of Holi or someone is signing the Christmas carols inevery type of celebration a thing which is common is cake delight. Cake is muchpreferred over sweets and it is because it does not only exhibits a sugarytaste there is a fluffiness of bread and a creamy delight in cake which makesit a special sweet delight for the festive season. Now the days are gone whenrasgulla and gulab jamun used to be the festival delight.

There arecakes devoted for every special occasion to make it a memorable event. Cakecutting is a gesture of happiness and joy. It is believed that by cutting acake, a person involves his well-wishers in his happiness. This crazy trend isnow been accepted on traditional festivals as well. There are Diwali cakes,Holi cakes, Raksha Bandhan cakes, Bhaiya Dooj cakes, that simply represent thedominance of cakes in our celebration.

Other thanthis there are other special days as well when we require cake delight likemother’s day cake, father’s day cake, friendship’s daycake, Valentine’s Day cake, grandparent’s day cake, etc. These all things arethe justifications as how cakes have changed the meaning of celebration for us.With this, nowadays cakes are becoming hot presents too. For special persons ofour life, presenting cake is also becoming a trend. And, in this the mostassisting favor comes from online cakes. With the aid of online cake portalsone can very easily send cake online to India and convey the festive wisheswith intact cake delight. 

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