How to Change Suddenlink Parental Controls

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In the Suddenlink, the parental controls feature permits you to control viewing and purchases of TV programs and services that based on your viewing preferences. The activating process of Parental Controls is easy for users. But sometimes, users encounter the processing of change Suddenlink parental controls and need experts help to solve this problem.  

Here we are giving a simple procedure that how to change Suddenlink parental controls settings by following the simple steps that given below.

First, press and hold the enter button for five seconds. 

Then select ‘Parent Control’ using the + / - button and press “ENTER” button.

Next, scroll using the “+ / -“   button to select the channel which you want like to place a Parent Control lock on through highlighting the channel and then hit “ENTER” button.

Then a DigitaLink will prompt you to enter a four digit password. Then enter a password.

Do again the steps for any additional channels which you want like to locked.

If a locked channel is chosen you will be prompted to enter your four digit password to analysis. Then you will need to repeat this step each time a locked channel is selected for viewing.

To unlock channels, you will need to scroll to choose the channel which you want like to remove the parent lock from, by highlighting the channel and hit “ENTER” button.

If you have still any kind of confusion or doubt, then the users can call at Suddenlink Customer Service Phone Number, which is available 24x7/365 days. This number will connect you with the technical support team, who will give you right guidance or instruction to solve this issue. Hence, contact us on a toll-free number to get more support & help for Suddenlink account issues.

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