It can be a challenge to keep up with the college admissions process whilst completing schoolwork, participating in activities and attending special events.

Senior year is often an extremely busy time, but if you get organizedand map out all the activities and their deadlines, things become less challenging and you have time to actually look forward to attending college and be excited about it.

During fall: visitschools and apply

Visit schools. Classesare in session during fall and hence it is the right time to visit schools onyour college list as you can talk to students and teachers and see if you likethe college.   

Finalize your college list. After having had a look at the colleges, figure out which onesyou’d like to attend. You can also include colleges that you feel maybedifficult to get into but also include a few safety schools on your list.

Stay on track. It’s important to stay focused on maintaining your grades as well as participation in extra-curricular activities as colleges carefully look at what you’ve done and what you didn’t.  

Take standardized tests. Register for and take the ACT or SAT Subject Tests as necessary. Attend the best SAT prep classes or ACT classes to ensure you studies stay on track.

Keep track of deadlines. As you’ll befilling lots of application forms out this year, it’s important to know whatform is due when.  

Ask for letters of recommendation. Hand out the letter of recommendation forms to the teachers you have chosen. Be sure to put them in stamped,addressed envelopes so that it becomes easier for your teachers to send them directly to the colleges.

Complete applications. Complete filling in the application forms for the schools you’re interested in. Make sure have sent test scores, recommendations, transcripts, and application essays before winter break.

Search for scholarships. Apply for scholarships whose deadlines are approaching andcontinue your search for more scholarship opportunities.

Winter: follow up on applications

Act on the results of early decision applications. If you opted for early decision, you’ll find out if you wereaccepted. If you do get in, remember to withdraw your applications from otherschools.

Follow up on your applications. No harm in double checking with the schools to see if they havereceived all the necessary information.

Submit financial aid forms. Fill out the FAFSA and the PROFILE (if necessary). These forms can be obtained from your guidance counsellor.

Send mid-year grade reports. This is the time to ask your counsellor to send your mid-year grade reports to the colleges that you’ve applied to.  

Spring:  make your finaldecision

Prepare for any last standardized tests. You may be taking AP or CLEP tests to earn some extra college credit.

Make your final college decision. Notify all schools of your decision by May 1. Make sure to send thefinal transcript to the college of your choice by June.  

Complete enrolment. Once you accept the offer from the college of yourchoice, be sure to complete all the required paperwork (such as housingarrangements) by the mentioned deadlines.

Congratulations! Afterthe ACT training, SAT classes and application process, you’ve finished high school andare about to start a new chapter of your life!  


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