How to fix Samsung Galaxy S5touchscreen?

Are you marveling at Samsung Galaxy S5’s nicedesign and colorful user interface? The fantastic camera, the bigger screen andquicker processor are the evolution of Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S5touchscreen?

  Are you marveling at Samsung Galaxy S5’s nicedesign and colorful user interface? The fantastic camera, the bigger screen andquicker processor are the evolution of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Would youlike to enjoy these functions? We pay hundreds of dollars for our cell phone.If it doesn’t work as you expected, you will feel distraught. Can you find adecent solution? How to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 problems?


Problem: Not receiving text messages

Some people have beenhaving trouble receiving text messages on their Galaxy S5. There are a coupleof things that could be going on here.

Potential solutions:

1.If your previous phone was an iPhone then you have to deregister iMessage. Thatlink will take you to the Apple instructions. If you still have your old iPhonethen it’s as easy as turning iMessage off in Settings > Messages. If youdon’t then you’ll need to enter your number and have Apple send you a code.

2.You should double check that you have storage space available in Settings >Storage.

3.It could be a problem related to the Message center. Open up the Messages appand then tap Settings > Text messages > Message center. You’ll have tocheck with your carrier what the right number is, but it’s usually listed ontheir website.

4.If you’re using a different SMS app then you could try uninstalling it andusing the default instead to see if that makes any difference. Alternativelyyou can check by pressing and holding the Power button and then tap and hold onPower off until you see the Reboot to Safe Mode message then lift your fingerand tap Restart. The S5 should restart and say safe mode in the left bottomcorner. If it works now then your problem is an app you installed. You can tryuninstalling one by one or factory reset and reinstall selectively.

5.If none of this works then it’s time to contact your carrier.


Glitch: Touchscreen unresponsive orghost touches

  Some people have found that the touchscreenoccasionally glitches and becomes unresponsive or registers ghost touches thatthey haven’t made. It seems to be an intermittent issue with no obvioustrigger.

Potential solution:

1.It may be worth mentioning that the S5 screen is not designed to workunderwater, it’s a water resistant phone, but the touchscreen won’t workproperly when wet, so if that’s when you encounter the glitch then dry it offfirst.

2.There’s a chance that your case or screen protector is causing the problem. Ifyou’re using either then try removing them and see if that resolves it.

3.You could check in Settings > Display and see if enabling Increase touchsensitivity

4.It may be caused by an app or widget that’s misbehaving. You could tryuninstalling apps and testing to see if the problem is gone, or you couldfactory reset and selectively install.

5.If you’ve done a factory reset as a last resort and it’s happening without anynew apps installed then you might have a hardware fault. It’s time to go toyour retailer, carrier, or Samsung.


Bug: Screen won’t turn on

  Quite a few people have been having issueswith the Galaxy S5 screen refusing to turn on. The capacitive buttons light upas expected, but the screen remains black. This seems to occur at differenttimes for different people, but the common issue is that the screen fails towake up, even though you might be able to hear that the phone is working andfeel vibrations. There are lots of things you can try to solve this issue.


1.To begin with, try turning it off by holding down the Power key for at leastseven seconds until you feel a vibration, then let go, and press the Power keyagain to turn it back on.

2.If the screen doesn’t come back, then try removing the back and taking thebattery out. Wait for ten seconds, then put the battery back in, and tryturning the S5 on again.

3.Some people found that going to Settings > Device > Lock screen >Additional information and turning it off seemed to help.

4.A few people have reported success after disabling the S Health app and/or theSmart remote app.

Potential solutions:

1.Try going to Settings > Accessibility > Vision > Dark screen and makesure this is turned off.

2.This issue might be related to your case or cover. Try removing it and see ifthe problem still occurs.

3.It could be your micro SD card that’s causing the problem. Try removing it fora while and see if that makes a difference.’s possible an app is causing the problem, so try booting into safe mode.Turn the S5 off, then tap the Power key to turn it back on. When you see theSamsung logo press and hold the Volume down key. The S5 should start up and itwill say Safe mode at the bottom right. If you don’t have the problem anymore,then it must be an app that’s causing it, you can try uninstalling apps one byone to identify the culprit, or do a factory reset and be selective about yourreinstall. You can turn Safe mode off again via the notification shade.

5.Back up your files and go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory datareset.

6.If you’re still having issues, then it’s time to contact your retailer,carrier, or Samsung and try to get a replacement handset.


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