I have always liked the two double

I have always liked

I have always liked the two double

I have always liked the two double guards in the presence of this play

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, "Jeremy Lin said," I have been the advocate of this play, whether it is with Patrick - Beverly cooperation or in Kenba - Walker side to play, I has experience. With Walker partner that experience is the most fun of my life experience, with Russell such a dynamic player can make the game more simple. This season, Wall was selected for the best team of three teams


, and this is John - Wall career first selected NBA best team. In Wall's view, for this result, he is still a bit disappointed, he thinks he should at least the best team of two teams. And during the offseason, he will see this as a driving force


. "I am a field can win 23 points and 11 assists, there are 4 to 5 rebounds, 2 steals players, selected the NBA team of the best team.I know that the league has a lot of very good players, I Know that there are a lot of very good point guard, but only the best team three teams, or let me some surprise.I remember the previous All-Star Game in New York, I was starting, that year I can get 19 points and 11 assists or Is 10 assists look

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, but I was not selected NBA best team, so I will take these things as a driving force.