Secured Use of Infrared Dot Laser Alignment

Infrared dot laser alignment as an accessory IR laser dot measuring tool, which is fulfilling the most precise infrared alignment laser dot positioning clearly and accurately.

Infrared Dot Laser Alignment

Whenever the real dot positioning is processed with a longer wavelength infrared dot laser alignment, none of infrared laser beam and light spot can be observed by human eyes directly. This accessory IR laser dot measuring tool is just being used as an accessory part of night vision observing device, according to its installation on CCD camera, black and white camera or infrared laser camera etc, infrared laser beam is just temporarily concentrated, fulfilling the most precise infrared alignment laser dot positioning clearly and accurately.

Even though infrared dot laser alignment generates invisible IR laser beam during the process of dot aligning work, it is still designed with fixed focus distance at 10cm. Super intense infrared laser beam is concentrated at 10cm work distance, making sure of the best IR dot positioning as expected. However, once users are having special need of focus distance, this infrared laser module also gets free design of adjustable focus distance until getting quite satisfied dot measuring result conveniently.

Not just limited by maximum output power of 100mW, when infrared dot laser alignment gets 26mm diameter laser tube design, it gets even higher output power of up 400mW. As a result, when super intense and powerful infrared laser beam is projected, the real IR dot alignment is also workable as long as 100 meters to 1000 meters. Under condition that 808nm infrared laser module gets extremely high output power of up 200mW, it is just workable at super longer distance of more than 50 meters.

In various high tech dot measuring work, this infrared dot laser alignment can make clear and accurate IR laser dot positioning for advanced intelligent feedback system, military targeting, laser medical treatment for illness part location etc. Whenever different laser dot aligning is required, users just need to choose correct output power and make correct installation of infrared laser diode module on proper working surface.

The measuring work with infrared dot laser alignment should always pay special attention to powerful IR laser radiation. Any eye explosion to powerful infrared laser light might cause serious hazards to human eyes, or even blind. Besides necessary wearing of 808nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles, users should never stare at powerful IR laser radiation and reflection. Even though you are only operating a super low powered 5mW infrared laser diode module, it might also produce extremely high photoelectric transverse ability, generating thermal energy seriously. This industrial alignment laser should be properly operated with professionals or skilled person, getting the most secured IR dot measuring result safely.

808nm infrared dot laser alignment

808nm infrared dot laser alignment

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